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space (spās) n. 1. space beyond the atmosphere of the earth.

prag·ma·tism (prgm-tzm) n. A way of approaching situations or solving problems that emphasizes practical applications and consequences.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Military in Space

This who "Peace in Space" crap just irritates me beyond belief. UPI has a story today about the military wanting to (gasp!) use space. Uhhh da' horror. I love this quote by Ms. Hitchens:

"They will go there if we go there," says Theresa Hitchens of the Center for Defense Information in Washington. "If somebody else did go first, we could go second very quickly and probably better."

Hello? Wish we had thought of that in the 60s! Could have saved a lot of time getting to the Moon. Just let somebody else do it first and then go up after them. Brilliant!

Why do some people feel the need to make space a special, peaceful place? Space is (and should be) no different from any frontier. It is beautiful and open and dangerous. Not just from space junk flying around, but from space nuts with bombs. We need to protect our interests in space, both present and future.

So bring along your covered wagons and join me on our journey. Don't forget your gun...


Kevin Parkin said...

Yep, Theresa Hitchens needs to read more military history.

Anonymous said...

The prospect of humanity carrying its stupid, wasteful wars into space is too depressing to contemplate. The human race badly needs to grow up!!!

- Suzy