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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Falcon I Now Scrubbed 'till Mid-December

According to Mark Trulson, who is live blogging the SpaceX Falcon I launch scheduled for today, the launch has been delayed due to both weather and LOX issues. The launch window has been extended until 7:00pm (PST) or 10:00pm (EST).

More as it happens.

Update 8:08pm CST: Bummer. This just in from the live blog:

5:21 pm (pst)

Strong winds and some troubles with the LOX refueling
tanks have forced the scrubbing of today’s launch. The attempt has been
rescheduled for sometime in the am Sunday.

As they get the time pinned
down closer an announcement will be posted on

I will try to
resume my live blogging as we get more info.

Update Nov 27 8:04 pm CST: They have to wait on LOX from Hawaii. Big Bummer.

Falcon I on the launch-pad

1 comment:

Ed said...

The launch has been postponed to mid-December.