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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Griffin can Talk the Talk...

I love his speeches, he always says what I would say if I were him. I think he is a true believer.

In a recent speech to the AAS, Griffin said:

If we are to make the expansion and development of the space frontier an integral part of what it is that human societies do, then these activities must, as quickly as possible, assume an economic dimension as well. Government-directed space activity must become a lesser rather than a greater part of what humans do in space.

He goes on to talk about ISS re-supply, crew rotation, and (gasp, be still my beating heart) orbiting commercial fuel depots. This is great stuff, the kind of stuff that could put Boeing and LockMart out of the space business for good (but not military). I think he means it and most of it may come to pass.

How do we keep anything in Washington D.C. that takes longer than four years to happen. Movement of "routine" orbital services to commercial enterprise has to happen quickly & become ingrained in American society before some less visionary President and another false prophet take control of NASA.

Michael Mealling also has some questions about what is going to happen after Bush and Griffin are gone. Good questions and now is the time to ask them.

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