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Monday, January 23, 2006

News From Around The Internet: Dateline Jan 23, 2006

  • The new edition of Space Review is out.

    • Chris Gainor talks about the Science we gained from Apollo, and what more we could get out of the Vision
    • Jeff Foust reviews Chasing Hubble’s Shadows, by Jeff Kanipe
    • Taylor Dinerman discuss the difference of opinion between NASA and ESA
    • Mark Trulson (from Out of the Cradle), interviews Patrick J. G. Stiennon, on of the Authors of The Rocket Company
    • Jeff Foust provides an account of the New Horizons mission

  • Michael Belfiore has a copy of Popular Science editor Erick Adams' interview with CNN Headline News last Friday.

  • Dawn, an unmanned spacecraft set to visit two asteroids, has been postponed due to cost overruns.

  • US Space News (which sadly doesn't have permalinks) has the following stories:

    • If the Boeing/LockMart merger is approved, say bye-bye to the Delta IV

    • NASA is once again considering nuclear power for the planned Lunar Base. Apparently MSFC's plan came in 1/10 of the original $10 billion estimate.

  • has an interview with Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX. I love this, "For a normal [Falcon 1] launch operation, the crew is actually only about 12."

  • Space companies are being wooed away from California to New Mexico, Colorado, and Florida. Did the wind just change direction...

  • Apparently there are some short-sighted politicians in New Mexico. Hopefully this is just one Senator holding back until he gets his Honda plant or something.

  • [sarcasm] If Joel McNally, a columnist at the Capital Times of Madison, Wisconsin, is an example of the population, we know why Wisconsin is such a center of new ideas and industry [/sarcasm]

1 comment:

Anton Traversa said...

Well, I was considering shooting Joel McNally an email to relate to him how shortsighted he was, etc. By the time I reached the end of the article, however, it became plain to me that Messr McNally was not what we call members of the "reality-based community" and prefers to live his life doused in his own petty pseudo-marxist rubbish.
It's too bad too. You'd think the 'progressives' would be the most, ya know, progressive about this sort of thing. Maybe someday he'll eat his cake when he organizes the first legacy war protests on L-5.

By the way, thanks for this update. Indispensible.