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Friday, January 27, 2006

News From Around The Internet: Dateline Jan 27, 2006

  • According to a Yale study, we are running out of metal here on Earth. Wonder were we could get some more... (hat tip to Curmudgeons Corner

  • The Rovers IMAX movie is out this weekend. According to Chicago Tribune and the Charleston Courier and Post:
    they felt like they were sitting through a big-screen "Nova" or Discovery Channel episode
    I would say the Science Channel was a better comparison, but either way, it is like my favorite TV on the big screen (kind of like Serenity).

  • The ProSpace March Storm 2006 is open for registration. This years agenda includes:
    1) Leveraging private resources to meet public objectives We will encourage Congress to support NASA's Commercial Orbital Transportation Services effort as well as request the creation of a Center for Entrepreneurial Space Access at the Air Force Research Lab.

    2) Incentives for space investment ProSpace has authored exciting new legislation calling for the establishment of a National Space Prize Board. The bill is called "The SPACE Act" and calls for this new board "to use cash prizes as a means to accelerate the commercial expansion of economic, exploration, national security and scientific uses of space and spaceflight."

    3) NEO (Near Earth Object) Risk Detection and Mitigation ProSpace will request that Congress support efforts in detecting Near Earth Objects that may pose a future impact threat.

  • At the Rover's IMAX movie premier, Mike Griffin casually mentions a goal of getting people to Mars in 30 years.
    "If, 30 years from now, Ted, you're still showing this movie, you'll be showing it while there are people walking around on Mars, and they won't be the first people." That line generated a modest round of applause, and even a "woo-hoo!" from one audience member. Later, he added, "I, for one, cannot wait until NASA sets up a permanent exploratory base on Mars. But, preceding such an event, we have many preparatory events to execute before we get there."

  • John McCain and Tom Coburn are trying to force the Senate to vote on every earmark in a bill. Earmarks are those little amendments Congressmen put for their district on bills destined to pass, often called pork.

  • Today is a tragic anniversary. [correction 9:58am CST] Apollo 1 caught fire today. Challenger flew apart tomorrow.

  • New Mexico has appointed Ben Woods, senior vice president for planning, physical resources and university relations, to the Spaceport Authority.

  • Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, is out selling his Spaceport idea.

  • Brevard County, Florida has given Space Adventures $50,000in marketing funds to relocate there. At the same time, the Orlando Sentinel offers support for Gov Jeb Bush's $55 million package to bring more of the space industry to Florida.

1 comment:

David said...

Uh, the Challenger anniversary is actually tomorrow.

I've been hoping to hear whether Roving Mars might be coming somewhere near HSV (Though preferably just near here, and not actually USSRC -- I'd rather see it in Nashville or something).