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Monday, January 30, 2006

News From Around The Internet: Dateline Jan 30, 2006

  • NASA has a new "Lunar Sooner" plan to get us to Moon in 2017. The change to J-12 from the SSME as well as going directly to the 5 segment SRB is apparently part of this new speed-up. One wonders is China and Russia's Lunar aspirations are part of this plan.

  • The new Space Review is out. Among it's articles are:

  • NASA claims the lessons of the Space Shuttle will be used in building the new spaceships for the Vision. I hope so.

  • According to the Washington Post, OMB and the President may be pulling back financial support from the Vision. I don't agree, however. According to the report:
    "Industry and congressional sources said Griffin's acknowledgment of the shortfall was accompanied by news leaks that OMB was proposing to cut the number of shuttle flights to between eight and 11, retiring one of the three orbiters and reducing the shuttle workforce to free up money for the exploration vehicle."

    Cutting the Shuttle flights to me, only accelerates the Vision. The Shuttle/ISS part of the Vision was a political necessity, not a inherent requirement to go to the Moon. Just my opinion, though. Clark Lindsey at Hobby Space says there is strong support for COTS.

  • Florida newspapers seen to be in support of spending money to bring private space to the sunshine state.

  • The Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine has several articles on new space ideas, including suborbital tourism, space elevators, and supersonic thrill rides. (hat tip to Clark Lindsey at Hobby Space)

  • Rocket Magazine is now available for subscription. You can look at the current issues for free. It looks cool if you are into rockets. (hat tip to Clark Lindsey)

  • The Orlando Sentinel has a new blog from aerospace editor Michael Cabbage. His first post is an interview with Michael Griffin on just about everything. (hat tip Space Politics)

  • NASA is hoping for a May Shuttle Launch. I won't hold my breath.

  • In the new Ad Astra (the NSS's monthly magazine), Rick Tumlinson has some choice comments on NASA's decision to drop the methane based rockets. Come on, Rick, tell us what you really think. :)

1 comment:

John Stockton said...

Thanks again for posting the interesting news as you do. Pretty much every day I find something on your post that I've missed.

Somehow I had completly looked over the "Lunar Sooner" article. So thanks :)