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Friday, February 10, 2006

Dateline Feb 10, 2006, News from the Internet

  • The launch of the Falcon I was delayed again yesterday. Apparently, they have found the igniter problem and are doing a hold down firing today at 1:00pm PST (3:00pm CST)

  • Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta says space tourism will be going strong in 2008. Here’s hoping...

  • SpaceHAB may be dropped from NASDAQ soon.

  • New Scientist comments on the draft of the newly released Centennial Challenges

  • Planetary Scientists have their panties in a wad again.

  • Spirit has finally arrived at "home plate" inside Gusev Crater. According to the report, scientists are debating over what to make of it.

  • Mike Griffin spoke at the National Space Club and reiterated NASA's commitment to the COTS program:
    Let me be clear to all venture capitalists and would-be commercial outfits vying for this opportunity: If you successfully demonstrate a cost-effective, commercial re-supply capability to the ISS, NASA will welcome that capability and use it. We plan to use Space Act Agreements to award one or more fixed price contracts for this demonstration. In response to various complaints from commercial ventures about NASA's administrative burden, we've actively worked to emulate best commercial practices and reduce unnecessary paperwork in this acquisition. We're taking a risk, but I believe that it is a worthwhile risk for the good of the government and commercial space business. If your commercial offering succeeds, then NASA can focus on the next steps in space exploration rather than what should by now be the mundane tasks of cargo delivery. While NASA must demonstrate that it is a good customer for commercial industry, industry must demonstrate they can actually deliver those goods. This is a necessary step to advance this vision, and we're approaching it with eyes wide open.

  • The Space Shuttle launch date has been set for May 3. According to US Space News:
    NASA will push to launch of the Space Shuttle
    Discovery on May 3rd, 2006. Look for a possible
    slip of 1 week if things don't improve over the next
    7-10 days (ET and related Shuttle issues).

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