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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dateline March 1, 2006, News from the Internet

  • Update on the Falcon I launch in March.
  • The CEV Phase II Call for Improvements: Amendment 2 is out.
  • It looks like NASA has their Venture Capitalist advisor.
  • More about NASA's ambitious shuttle schedule.
  • Proton failed it's launch of ARABSAT 4A .
  • Another possible killer asteroid. It is currently a Torino Level 2. I know it will likely be dismissed later, but damn this makes me want to spread out just a little. It is harder to hit a moving target. Could God be lobbing these things at us to get us to move our fat butts? Worth considering. 2004 MN4 is the only Level 4 we have seen. It was later downgraded to a Level 1. (Of course it still may hit us).
  • Sometimes I think reporters are just stupid.
    This week is "March Storm," when 50 to 75 lobbyists will spend three days speaking with staffers from more than 250 offices on Capitol Hill. Some of the lobbyists represent the aerospace industry, but most have been hired by smaller space startups and entrepreneurs.
    They are volunteers, you dope! Jeff Faust also comments on this.
  • More on the RocketPlane, Limited and Kristler buyout.
  • Indias Chandrayaan-I mission to the moon appears to be on schedule.
  • Noel Hinners thinks we need a Mars sample return mission. Sounds good, I can carry five or six big rocks. How many can you guys carry? We are ready to go. :)

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