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Monday, March 06, 2006

Dateline March 6, 2006, News from the Internet

BTW, I got mentioned in the Santa Fe Reporter on February 15 about the proposed New Mexico spaceport. That's cool! -djs

  • The big news in the world of new space: The Space-X Dragon, a manned orbital spacecraft privately developed by Space Exploration Technologies. The Dragon can carry 7 passengers and/or cargo to and from orbit (COTS anyone?). The Dragon is designed to be launched on the soon to be built Falcon 9. The Dragon has been under development for years now, roped off in the El Segundo facility away from visitors. Hot damn! Space News also has an article. Flame Trench has one also.

    Some quotes from Elon:
    "What COTS really allows us to do is dramatically accelerate our plans for manned spaceflight and make sure it is something that meets NASA's requirements for crew and cargo service to the station," Musk said.

    "I feel very confident about being able to offer NASA an ISS-servicing capability by 2009 and am prepared to back that up with my own funding," Musk said.

    Musk indicated that he sees no problems meeting the aggressive timelines NASA has established under the COTS program.

  • Michael Belfiore has more information on his upcoming book, The The Entreprenauts
  • According to AW&ST, the pentagon funded a Orbital Space Plane in the 1990s. I have my doubts.
  • NASA plans to speed up the delivery of modules to the Space Station. With what?
  • China has delayed the Shenzhou-7 to 2008.
  • Pulsar has cute article on New Mexico's new bill build the spaceport in southern New Mexico.
  • fixed that article about ProSpace. Here is the letter from ProSpace to Wired.
  • The San Francisco Gate has an article on new space companies and satellites.
  • What do we really know about Moon water?

  • The Space Review is out:

  • Spaceport Sheboygan is at it's final hurtles in the political process.

  • This is what is wrong with aerospace contractors. And I hate to tell the author, but I worked at LM and it isn’t much better. ed- scroll down to Why I hope LM Wins CEV article

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