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Thursday, June 01, 2006

My Opinion of Bigelow's Web Site

Since Bigelow Aerospace went to all the trouble of emailing me, I thought I would write my thoughts on the new web site and services.

First the alien mouse icon is a little over the top, but I can let that go, since this is Robert Bigelow and there has to be an alien somewhere. (If you don't understand this, read here). I actually like the layout with the planets, but I am not so sure about some of the names. For instance, multiverse takes you to the vision and history of the company.

Unlike some, I don't have a big problem with the life systems, although I am not sure about what that means for sure. Bacteria, or the like, would be interesting to watch if a camera could magnify enough to see it in orbit. I would think they would be scared to put a larger mammal type created (cat, rat, etc...). One bad claw and the station/cameras/comm. system is hosed. I think bugs would work pretty well in a container of some kind.

The bingo sounds like great fun. My wife loves bingo (maybe more than me). We used to live in Las Vegas and it was hard to get her away from bingo. (The real question is why I didn't stay and get a job with Bigelow. Hey, um Mr. Bigelow, I am a embedded communications C/C++ developer with 10 years on DOD missiles and aircraft experience. You need anybody? :-)

Overall, the biggest improvement is the amount of content. This is really much more informative than the previous incarnations of the Bigelow Aerospace website. So I say good job and keep it up.

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