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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Benjamin Franklin Citizen Scientist Award

News release

9/1/2006 For immediate release

Contact: John Powell
JP Aerospace
(916) 858-0185

Dr. Shawn Carlson
Society for Amateur Scientists
(401) 398-7001

John Powell, President of JP Aerospace, was honored with the 2006
Benjamin Franklin Citizen Scientist Award
at the fourth annual National Citizen Science Conference in
Providence, Rhode Island. He won for his years of
effort and achievements in space science, including space education
through his PongSat program, where
thousands of students have been able to fly their experiments, called
PongSats, to the edge of space at no charge.

Dr. Shawn Carlson, Founder and Executive Director of the Society for
Amateur Scientists, presented the award
during the Franklin Awards Banquet on August 26, 2006.

"JP has been leading quite a revolution in space science for over 27
years and has an extraordinary record of
success," said Carlson. "His commitment to inspiring the next
generation through his PongSat program was
cited in particular by the selection committee."

The award was created to recognize and promote excellence in citizen
science, for important contributions to
science without an earned Ph.D. Previous winners include astronomer
David Levy, paleontologist Jack Horner,
and electronics author/writer Forrest M. Mims III. A panel of some of
America's most distinguished scientific talent
chooses the winner from a list of candidates.

Powell's acceptance speech and lecture discussed his research working
at the edge of space, flying student
experiments on the company's high altitude platforms, and a call to
action in regards to the current state of science
education. The company is also known for its high altitude airship research.

JP Aerospace, "America's OTHER Space Program," is volunteer-based
research organization dedicated to
achieving cheap access to space "by just doing it." The group has
flown 87 missions to date.

The mission of the Society for Amateur Scientists is to remove the
roadblocks that prevent ordinary people, of all
ages, from participating in extraordinary science. Run by a unique
consortium of professional and amateur scientists,
the 12-year old organization is the only non-profit research and
education organization dedicated to helping people
enrich their lives by following their passion to take part in
scientific adventures of all kinds.

PongSat is a registered trademark of JP Aerospace.

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