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space (spās) n. 1. space beyond the atmosphere of the earth.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Dateline October 10, 2006: Space News from the Internet

New Space News

  • Bigelow is selling advertising on the Genesis II, due to launch early next year.
  • John Goff has some thoughts on space tugs and cryo fuels in space.


  • NASA is planning the first flight test of the Ares I in 2009.
  • NASA is developing two versions of the J-2X engine.
  • It looks like NASA is doing studies of what would make them more exciting to the public. About time if you ask me. Of course they could save the trouble and actually do some stuff. Clark has some thoughts as well.
  • I got to agree with Mike Griffin on the ISS, much as I would like to chunk it into the Sun.

International Space News

  • Russia is working on a space tug, Parom.

Astronomy News

  • Hubble has (indirectly) shown that planets do in fact form from discs (well maybe...)
  • Black hole jets appear to be made of protons and electrons. The jets observed by Swift contain about the mass of Jupiter if it were pulverized and blasted out into intergalactic space. (cool, huh?)
  • "Space Scientists" never seize to amaze me. Now they are complaining about our new space policy being unilateral. Its our space policy, we can't plan the rest of the world.

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