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Friday, January 26, 2007

Bigelow Aerospace Wins the Space Foundation's Space Achievement Award

Congratulations to all the folks at Bigelow Aerospace on winning the Space Foundation's 2007 Space Achievement Award.

The Space Achievement Award annually recognizes an individual or organization that has demonstrated space achievement, breakthrough space technology, or program or product success deemed to represent a critical milestone in the evolution of space exploration and development.

Robert Bigelow will receive the award Monday, April 9 at the 23rd annual National Space Symposium, Colorado Springs. He will also be participating in a panel about "Why People Who Could Invest in Anything Are Investing in Space" on April 12.

The Space Foundations CEO, Elliot G. Pulham said. "Bigelow's successful endeavor is paving the way for a robust commercial space market."

That sounds like a fun weekend.

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