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Friday, January 19, 2007

Growing Concern over China's ASAT

Here a growing list of articles on China's test of ASAT technology on their own weather satellite:

Govt protests against China's space missile testABC Online - Australia

Chinese Test ASAT? - College Park,MD,USA.

Jeremy Warner's Outlook: DSG's John Clare is in as tough a space ...Independent - London,England,UK

Bold move escalates space war debateMSNBC - USA

Good news: China stuns US intel by testing anti-satellite missileHot Air - MD,USA

China Space Attack: UnstoppableHuffington Post - New York,NY,USA

China Tests Anti-Satellite Weapon, Unnerving USNew York Times - New York,NY,USA

US, China: Successful ASAT Test?Stratfor - USA11,

Race to the Moon오마이뉴스 - South Korea

India fourth-biggest M&A target in Asia-Pacific IT spaceZee News - Noida,India

China, Russia developing space weaponsWorld Peace Herald - Washington,DC,USA

China Tests anti-satellite weapon - US agenciesChina Daily - China

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