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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Science is starting to Piss me Off

On reading an article on the budget crunch for NASA in 2007, I found this little snarky comment:

It wouldn't be the first time "sciences are gutted," said Handberg of UCF.

My entire life, NASA manned program has been crap. Science has run NASA. What with planetary probes, weather studies, "Project Earth", and related stuff.

Yeah yeah, I know the ISS and Shuttle get the majority of the budget, but lets face it that has been all about science not exploration. So whine to someone else, I have been waiting for this for 31 years.


Darnell Clayton said...

I couldn't even more agree.

I am myself tired of "Aww...look at Mars, look at the stars. You can seem them clearly, from your car" science crowd.

If it took setting back these "science programs" five years in order to establish a lunar colony, I would be all for it.

After all, its better to view the cosmos up close then far away.

L. Riofrio said...

I would also agree with you. Speaking as a (rebellious) scientist, the science crowd has been given plenty of bones. Columbia's last flight in 2003 was a pure science mission, unrelated to ISS. The biggest complainers are those after "dark energy," which probably doesn't excist.

Thomas Romer said...

i think you are missing the real issue here. for 20 years NASA has been spending all its budget on sending crews into low earth orbit to launch satellites. this satisfied nobody as manned exploration people couldn’t have been more bored by another space shuttle mission and unmanned probes had to be built on shoe string budgets.

the real issue that has everyone sick and tired is how US space exploration just got uninspiring for all concerned for quite some time.

making matters worse is trying to build ISS while trying to goto the moon and then to mars in addition to exploring the solar sysytem.

i hear what you mean on getting a moon base, but i'd be lying if i said my real wish is to get something to europa and try and take a peek under that ice.