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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

SpaceX Launch; Mike Griffin's Speech;Idiotic Ideas about COTS

Space X has a launch window for January 21 and 22:

Going forward, a static fire is planned Thursday, January 18 (California time). We have a launch window on January 21 and 22 (California time) and are working with the range to secure a couple of additional days as contingency. Should we go beyond that, which is still a good possibility as we work with the upgraded vehicle, pad, and procedures, the next available launch window is mid February. There will be a live webcast and a media call in line for the launch. Details will be provided shortly.


Mike Griffin talks with the Space Transportation Association about why NASA can't just "get out of the way of space development." He did make this quite amusing comment:

So, let me acknowledge that, yes, government is not usually very efficient. I am sure that you are shocked – shocked – to hear this. And while I like to think that we really try to do our best, NASA is part of government

Jeffery Bell needs to fact check. I am trying hard not to resort to name calling.

1 comment:

Darnell Clayton said...

Hey, at least he admitted the NASA isn't the most efficient.

You gotta give him guts for that.


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