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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fight in New Mexico over X-Prize Cup Funding

If you live in New Mexico, here it is:

All....we are at a critical point with the X PRIZE CUP. We need a mass calling campaign starting tomorrow morning! Our messages of support for the X PRIZE and Spaceport America must get in before NOON tomorrow or we are in danger of loosing everything we have been fighting for! Please contact everyone you know who believes in what we are trying to accomplish. I will be on the phone at 8 in the morning. Please join's what you need to know:

The Governor had pushed for $1 million to be allocated for assistance in producing the X PRIZE Cup this year. That money has been removed by an unknown senator. In order for us to have those appropriations returned to the legislation we need "all hands on deck" to call Senate Minority Leader Lee Rawson 505-986-4703 and promote their support of our event. Please also contact Senator Tim Jennings (D), Co-Chair of the Senate Finance Committee, and ask that he help convince Sen. Rawson to add back the $1 million originally proposed. This money is crucial to our ability to produce the "space" portion of this show. Without the state's support we are in jeopardy of loosing major assets of content.

Short Speaking points:

1. Education Program. Last year over 8,000 school kids from all over NM where bussed in for the event. Astronauts, engineers and the Governor entertained the classes.

2. This year's education program is slated to triple in size. Math and Science K-12 is our intended reach.

3. We have the support of the following entities: City of Las Cruces, Mesilla Valley Economic Development, Dona Ana County, Sierra County, Otero County, City of Alamogordo, Holloman AFB, Kirtland AFB, Sandia National Labs, White Sands Missile Range, NASA, DARPA, DOD

4. We are in discussions with National Geographic and the Discovery Network to showcase the event in an hour-long nationally broadcast event.

5. Last year, with little effort, we exceeded 50 million media impressions. This year we are making our media and promotion plan a high priority. We hope to achieve over 2 million Webcast viewers.

6. A renewed cooperation between the XPC and the local business community has begun to bare fruit. Committees are being formed and outreach has been increased.

7. We are staunch supporters of the Gross Receipts Tax proposed in Dona Ana County to support the completion of the New Mexico Spaceport. We are lending assistance anywhere we can.

8. This event will help secure southern New Mexico's dominance in the personal space flight industry. Already, major players in this field have relocated or are in discussions to relocate to southern NM creating jobs in all facets of launch operations and manufacturing. Some would say that is a direct result of the X PRIZE Cup.

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