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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

More on China Stuff Wrangling

Michael Krepon, a speaker on nuclear proliferation, says China is the main focus of US Space defense analysis.
China is building a fourth space launch center on a tropical island in southern Hainan Province currently known for it's tourism.
Here is a scary view of the country we are talking about from one of its Asian neighbors:

China has a history of pursuing its goal of constantly sharpening its military teeth unmindful of protests from the rest of the world. More than a decade ago, China test fired missiles off the coast of Taiwan as a provocative gesture. It has not ruled out a military take over of that tiny island nation. It has surreptitiously supplied nuclear know-how and material to certain nations while professing to adhere to its NPT obligations.

And frankly I think it (rightfully) scares India:

Indian officials may talk of a healthy 'competition' with China in the economic and trade fields but they would not like to see Beijing far outstrip New Delhi militarily. Not as long as China continues to insist that much of the Indian Northeast is its territory. Not as long as it continues to supply, overtly or covertly, its superior arms and equipment, not to mention nuclear and missile know-how, to India's western neighbour that tries to camouflages its aggressive designs by talking of 'peace' that is conditional upon the resolution of a 'dispute' on its own terms.

Meanwhile, back at home, the Chinese ASAT test has hyped up debate on space based missile defense and the PAC-3 missile deployment.

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