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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

NASA Signs Agreement with Virgin Galactic to Buy Seats

According to Will Whitehorn, Virgin Galactic's President, NASA and Virgin Galactic reached an agreement with NASA early this morning. In the agreement, NASA will provide "expertise" and Virgin Galactic will sell "[seats] on VG for early astronaut training."

This is a great step forward for NASA using private space to not only save money but get a better product, in this case actual space experience for astronauts in training.

Mr. Whitehorn said with characteristic British wit, "They obviously believe in [Virgin Galactic] and who am I to question them?" he said.

Virgin Galactic plans to use SpaceShip 2, an evolution of the famous SpaceShip 1, the first privately funded ship to read outer space in 2004. It will likely be launch from a larger aircraft from around 50,000ft.

Virgin Galactic hopes to begin service to the general public in 2008.

Spaceref has more.

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