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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Space Prize a Winner after all

Brian Emmett won a future spaceflight as part of a 2005 sweepstakes sponsored by software giant Oracle Corp. He gave it up after finding out he would owe $25,000 in taxes for the prize.

Now, Jim Benson of Benson Space Co. has given it back. As part of the agreement with Emmett, the company would pay him to serve as a "test passenger," giving him a free ride into space in late 2008 when the company hopes to send its first paying tourists.

Jim Benson broke off from SpaceDev to form Benson Space Co. and Space Dev is developing the DreamChaser spacecraft that will send Emmett into space.

More at MSNBC.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Because of these tax problems, Benson Space Company will offer a contest for Dream Chaser spaceship rides. It will be a contest and not a drawing. People can submit their email address now at in order to be notified when the contest begins.

Jim Benson