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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Gliese 581 c Needs a Name

The best vacation destination outside of Sol need a better name than Gliese 581 c. Any takers?

How about Caprica?

[update May 17, 7:59AM CST]
Here is the tally so far

Caprica 2
Krypton 1
Bob 1
Metaluna 1


Wolfger said...

I get the BSG reference, but shouldn't its location (inside the constellation Libra) count a bit more?

xraydog said...

How about Krypton? More massive than Earth, orbits a red sun. Sounds like Superman's home world.

Dan Schrimpsher said...

It is only inside Libra because we are on Earth. Looking from Gliese 581 c, Earth is in Tarus. But okay, what do you have?

Since Libra is "the Blanace" how about Druidia (wait is that from Spaceballs? Oh hell we can't use that.)

Brian Dunbar said...

I nominate 'Bob'.

Anonymous said...

yesssss Caprica.... love it :)

michael said...

i am using "Metaluna".