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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

62 Mile Club

No, it isn't what you think (well it might be...)

To all Adventure Travelers, Space Enthusiasts, and Entrepreneurs,

We are pleased to announce the debut of the 62 Mile Club website. 62 Mile Club provides its members with insider access that will take them behind the velvet rope to the hottest and most exclusive new ticket of the millennium - the leading edge of space exploration and opportunities both on the ground and beyond the atmosphere.

Go to and take a look. Our Events Calendar feature is the place to find out what's going on in and around the commercial space industry and where you should be to get the insider access.

Or do you want to know who is connected to the industry and who could influence the industry? Check out Faces of Space.

Whether you are an adventure traveler looking to find out more information on space travel, an entrepreneur looking to invest in this exciting industry, or are hosting an innovative, forward thinking event 62 Mile Club will connect you.

62 Mile Club is developing and highlighting exclusive events to take you behind the velvet rope of this burgeoning industry. 62 Mile Club also points you to other innovative industries and events which inevitably will be connected to the commercial space business.

Join us as a member, participant and enthusiast and tell your friends about the 62 Mile Club.

Space...It's Closer Than You Think TM

62 Mile Club

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