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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Paul Spudis on NASA and the VSE

Paul Spudis gave his views, positive and negative, on NASA's implementation of President Bush's Vision for Space Exploration at the ISDC 2007. Here is a simplification:


  • RL-10 engine can use in-situ lunar propellant
  • Building an Outpost on the lunar south pole


  • Lack of Robot Probes
  • Lunar orbit rendezvous instead of an Earth-Moon L1
  • Ares

But the biggest complaint was that NASA's lack of a single complete mission.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I respect Spudis, but Ares and the lack of Robotic probes are pros, not cons.

Ares V is needed for future mega module assembly of simpler space stations. Delta II and IV are not good enough for Mars sample returns, where Ares V can land a craft on Europa.

Pointy headed planetary scientists are just used to the Golden era habit of chain-smoking Delta IIs that Dan handed out like lollypops, while new LV development suffered--with EELVs being little better than the extinct Titans in capability.

I wanted Magnum, but the pointy heads wished for New Horizons. Some wanted X-33, while others wanted Webb. Some wanted OSP, while other wanted MRO.

As usual the scientists got everything they wanted: the engineers? Nothing.

Time after time, the pointy heads get what they want, while LV people get the shaft.