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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ares is Losing Popularity in Washington

According to NASA Watch, members of both parties in Washington are starting to say what some of us have been saying for a while.

[A] greater use of private sector solutions - i.e. the use of commercial launch vehicles - specifically EELVs - as the launch vehicle of choice for the CEV. No one seems to be all that fond of continuing the development of Ares 1 (a government-owned solution) or the cost of developing something that already exists i.e. something you can buy now (EELVs).


Darnell Clayton said...

I am starting to have a lot of sympathy for NASA. It seems as if Congress wants the government agency to help their private space companies residing in their states, rather than help NASA reach the Moon.

Although this will benefit the private sector, I think I can see NASA resisting this idea as the New Space takes on a greater lead.

Anonymous said...

Duh. Ares unpopular? Oh, do tell. People want to use EELVs instead? You don't say. People have been saying this for two years now.

Now that you've told us that, NASAWatch can go back to something far more important: the search for Flat Gorby. It's certainly wasted enough time and space on that.

Anonymous said...

Can't really blame them for the Flat Gorby stuff. Other than Griffin's global warming gaffe and the USA strike, it's been a slow month news wise.