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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Creation of ICAO Like Organization

The International Civil Aviation Organisation is a new UN directorate to handle commercial spaceflight up to the geostationary orbit. It should take a few years for the ICAO to finished formation. The creation was cased by the interest and progress in space tourism and other private space ventures.

[Update: June 8, 2007] I misunderstood the article and this is a creation of an ICAO like organization over space to be named later. Thanks to Alessandro.

1 comment:

alessandro said...

There is a bit of confusion here. ICAO has been in existence since 1947 at least
(check out for more info on ICAO). I should know because I work for ICAO (even though I wasn't around in 1947).

What the referenced article is really talking about is "something like ICAO, but for space travel, as opposed to regular air travel".

The article is useful and interesting, but the flawed title makes the whole thing sound a bit silly. Other than that, this is a very interesting site and I will be visiting it again in the future.