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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Alexhandre Vinokourov Is Out

I know this has nothing to do with space, but Cycling is the greatest sport outside of Auburn football. If you don't care, please feel free to ignore -djs.

For all you Tour de France fans, Alexhandre Vinokourov has tested positive positive for doping. It is a sad day for cycling. Astana, the Swiss team, has pulled out. On the plus side, Alberto Contrador of Discovery is in 2nd overall.

1. Michael Rasmussen (DEN) RAB - 2,750.4km in 69h52'14" (39.359km/h)
2. Alberto Contador (ESP) DSC at 2'23"
3. Cadel Evans (AUS) PRL at 4'00"
4. Levi Leipheimer (USA) DSC at 5'25"
5. Andreas Kloden (GER) AST at 5'34"
6. Carlos Sastre (ESP) CSC at 6'46"
7. Haimar Zubeldia (ESP) EUS at 7'27"
8. Andrey Kashechkin (KAZ) AST at 7'54"
9. Kim Kirchen (LUX) TMO at 8'24"
10. Mikel Astarloza (EUS) at 9'21"

I won't be terribly unhappy if Rasmussen pulls it off. He is a great mountain rider. I have watched him win the King of the Mountain a couple of times. Levi Leipheimer would be cool, since he is Discovery's leader, but I think Contador is the better rider this year.

TDF coverage

Okay back to space...

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