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Friday, July 27, 2007

A Tribute to Glenn May

I received permission to post this from Greg Allison of our local NSS chapter about Glenn May. Glenn died in the explosion at Mojave yesterday.


We lost one of our own yesterday. Glenn May was a member of HAL5, was a key player in our HALO program, and he worked for me at HARC on our BLRV and CATS Prize rockets. Though he lived in Memphis back then, he came to Huntsville frequently to help us work on our rockets. Glenn worked really hard at all of our test firings and launches too. Glenn built the first rocket bike. We all cheered as he blasted past us at our old test site on it.

I am devastated... Glenn May was a good guy and a good friend. He was the best hand on the launch boats when we went out to sea to launch our rockoons. When every one else was grumbling Glenn was all smiles and eager to work. His broad smile and easy manner are the things I will remember the most. He used to call me from time to time and talk about how he missed the trees out this way after he moved to the Mojave to work for Scaled Composites. He pondered moving to Huntsville. At one time he even thought about renting a room in my home.

The business is very risky, but also very worthy. I knew space tourism would take lives, but I had hoped it would not happen this soon. It is especially very hard when it happens to a friend. Glenn was a pioneer. Those of us that knew him will miss him dearly. This is very hard for all of us. I know Glenn would want us to press on. He died doing what he loved the most.

Glenn always wanted to go to space. Now he is up there with our creator.

God bless the families of those brave pioneers we lost yesterday.

Greg Allison


CAROLYN said...

Wow, man, I just found out an hour ago about Glen's death. I'm in Memphis and I worked in R&D as a technician with Glen. He was a great, easy going guy. I miss him and think about him often. He had an odd, quirky sense of humor that always made me laugh. His fascination with space always made great break room conversation! Fly Like An Eagle, Love, Carolyn

Gordon R. Vaughan said...

Hi, I just found your blog and am quite impressed. Don't know how I missed it for so long.

It's really awful what's happened, the loss of 3 lives and, according to the press reports, others in the hospital. It's hard to understand how they could have had an accident in a routine (as I understand it) test, but that's rocketry.

From what I've read, the folks at Scaled have always taken a careful, conservative approach. Once there was a reference to their supposed "Always question, never defend" approach to engineering & safety. It would be helpful to know more about that.

"God bless the families of those brave pioneers we lost yesterday." - Yes, indeed.

Darnell Clayton said...

They will be sorely missed.

God bless and rest in peace.