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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Space Talk, Memorial, and Calendars at 7pm on Thursday, August 2, 2007

Received this from our local NSS chapter. If you are in the area, come on down.


Dear HAL5 and local NSS members,

The Huntsville Alabama L5 Society, our local chapter of the National
Space Society, is hosting a Program Night on Thursday, August 2,
featuring a talk on "Living off the Land in Space". The guest
speaker is the book's author, Les Johnson, engineer and now
manager at the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.


Before the program, we will have a short memorial service and a
moment of silence for our lost comrade Glenn May, who died last week
while working at Scaled Composites. Please read the kind words of
Greg Allison below. We will be taking up a collection for a UAH
Scholarship Fund in Glen's name.


This meeting will also debut the new Space Settlement 2009 Calendar,
a product of our National Space Society and our first professional
calendar. This was the result of the hard work of leader Jim Plaxco
of the Chicago Space Studies chapter, with help from many others
including three HAL5/NSS members: Bart Leahy, Yohon Lo, and myself.
NSS site:
Art work:

The list price of this great 14x11 wall calendar is $14.95 and can be
purchased at the HAL5 meeting or via the Turner Publishing Web site.
Turner adds $1.95 shipping and $2 handling for a total of $18.90, so
buying the calendar directly from HAL5 saves you $4. In addition,
HAL5 will give a $2 discount if you are a current paid member of HAL5
*OR* if you are a current paid member of NSS -- and a $4 discount if
you are BOTH -- for a total savings of $8 versus buying over the Web.

Bart will be leading the 2009 calendar effort, and Yohon and I have
already offered our support. If you are interested in helping out,
please see Bart at the meeting or contact us via email.


The HAL5 program will be held 7:00 to 8:30 PM in the main auditorium
of the Huntsville/Madison County Public Library, 915 Monroe Street,
downtown Huntsville, Alabama. Here are links to map images and
general contact information:

There is free admission, and the program is open to everyone.
Please attend, and bring a friend if you are able.

After the meeting, we will have our usual post-meeting dinner/dessert
social event at the nearby Denny's restaurant at 9 PM. Join us if you
are able, and get to know members of your local NSS chapter.

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