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Thursday, August 23, 2007

SpaceX Update

SpaceX has a new update. Main points are:

  • They have hired 350 more people to support COTS
  • All COTS material has been provided to NASA
  • Cash Flow Positive in 2007
  • Moved Falcon 1 to Merlin 1C engine
  • Photos of the Falcon 9 Tank are up
  • Falcon 9 Tank delivered to Texas to begin stationary testing on a stand
  • Falcon 9 will launch from Launch Complex 40in Cape Canaveral, as well as Vandenberg and Kwajalein
  • Falcon 9 demo in 2008 (6 flights on the launch manifest including 3 COTS Demos)
  • New building in Hawthorne can fit two Falcon 9's or five Falcon 1's
  • They are still hiring

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