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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Space Solar Power Study

Here is the formal press release:

New Space Solar Power Organization Announced

The Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy
Will Pursue Recommendations of New NSSO-Led Study

Study Concludes Space Solar Power Could Deliver Clean, Renewable Energy for Planet,
But Requires a Coordinated National Program of Investment

Wednesday, October 10, 2007: The Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy (SSAFE), a new organization advocating investment in space-based solar power technologies to address the planet's future energy needs, was announced today at the National Press Club.

The coalition of thirteen leading research organizations and space advocacy groups focused their inaugural event on the announcement of a new study of space-based solar power led by the National Security Space Office (NSSO).

The study concludes that space-based solar power deserves substantial national investment as a path towards addressing America's future energy needs via a renewable energy source with no carbon emissions or hazardous waste. In the Space Solar Power concept, developed in the late nineteen-sixties by Dr. Peter Glaser, energy from sunlight is collected in space and transmitted wirelessly for use on Earth.

Mark Hopkins, Senior Vice President of the National Space Society, stated, "As the United States makes decisions now to answer the energy challenges of the next 50 years, space-based solar power must be a part of the answer. While the technical challenges are real, significant investment now can build Space Solar Power into the ultimate energy source: clean, green, renewable, and capable of providing the vast amounts of power that the world will need. Congress, federal agencies and the business community should begin that investment immediately."

The new Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy (SSAFE) will promote the findings of the NSSO-led study, and seek to communicate the benefits of the technology to business, government and the general public.

According to Air Force Colonel-Select M.V. 'Coyote' Smith, the leader of the study, "When we started this work I had my doubts about the technology. But as the facts poured in, it became obvious that my initial assessment was wrong. Not only is this possible, but space-based solar power is probably the greatest opportunity to develop a safe, clean source of energy that can readily be shared with all of humanity."

The founding members of SSAFE are the National Space Society, Space Frontier Foundation, Space Power Association, Aerospace Technology Working Group, Marshall Institute, Moon Society, ShareSpace Foundation, Space Studies Institute, Spaceward Foundation, AIAA Space Colonization Technical Committee, ProSpace, Space Enterprise Council, and Space Generation Foundation.



Still images of a space solar power system created for today's announcement are available at:

Video animations in NTSC and HD are available upon request. Email:

The NSSO-led study will be made available at:

New National Space Society white paper on Space Solar Power:

The website of the new Space Solar Alliance for Future Energy is:

SSAFE Founding Organizations and Contacts:

National Space Society
Mark Hopkins, Senior Vice President

Space Studies Institute
Lee Valentine, Executive Vice President

Space Enterprise Council
David Logsdon, Executive Director

Aerospace Technology Working Group
Ken Cox

Space Frontier Foundation
Margo Deckard, Space Solar Power Project Manager

Marshall Institute
Jeff Kueter, President

Moon Society
Peter Kokh, President

Frank Johnson, President

Space Generation Foundation
Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, President

Space Power Association
John Mankins, President

Spaceward Foundation
Ben Shelef, Co-founder

ShareSpace Foundation
Lisa Cannon

AIAA Space Colonization Technical Committee
Klaus Heiss, Chairman

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