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space (spās) n. 1. space beyond the atmosphere of the earth.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

John McCain's Support for Space

After his offhand remark about "yeah lets go to Mars" a few weeks ago, John McCain has become the first Republican candidate to officially support President Bush's vision for space exploration. It might be enough to get me to vote for him. I stress might.


wanderingspace said...

not too long ago i would have considered volunteering for mccain… but i despise bush so much that i feel one has to hold the entire party responsible for allowing such a lousy candidate to reach such a position of power that i can no longer consider any republican for president.

however, as an individual and certainly among the current lot of republicans… he is alone the very best to choose from. said...

McCain, along with the other candidates, is only one small step toward endorsing the space industry in the way that it deserves to be. Here I made a list of links that help us, the interested public, send our message to McCain and the other candidates to tell them that it is time to step up if they want the Florida vote or space supporters anywhere. One of the most immediate ways is to vote for the space related questions to be asked at the debate in Los Angeles on January 30 and 31st.

Anonymous said...

I know how you feel Dan, I know how you feel.

I'm going to see if Mitt Romney (who I'm currently pulling for) will support the VSE, or at least an improved version of it (think NewSpace but with a greater role).

So close...yet so far away. Sigh.


Dan Schrimpsher said...

Wanderingspace: You are comming from the other end from me. I don't like McCain because he seems to much like a democrat. I was a Fred Thompson supporter until he dropped out.

Darnell: Yeah Mitt Romney would make me happier.

If you guys didn't know about my polictics, I am somewhere to the right of Gengis Khan:)