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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Space Frontier Foundation Launches "The Cosmos Review"

(March 4, 2008 - New York, NY) The Space Frontier Foundation today announced a new project, The Cosmos Review, an online literary magazine dedicated to space poetry.
The Cosmic Review features articles, discussion and a span of poetry set in spectacular images of the universe and space. With sweeping page transitions, under a beautiful animated banner and design, the publication categorizes Ancestors, Now and Progeny sections that archive poetry back to classic poems from the 8th century BC, all related in some way to space and human relationship to the cosmos.

A children's category provides classroom project suggestions for teachers who'd like to participate in inspiring tomorrow's leaders, complete with exercises in poetry and cosmos appreciation. Other features include collections of quotes about space and poetry, equipped with interactive "send-to-a-friend" and "add the quotes" options for websites or MySpace.
The magazine is managed by acclaimed author Vanna Bonta. As Editor-in-Chief, Bonta contributes a lifelong dedication to poetry. Bonta was awarded silver and gold medals for her poetry by the Florentine Camerata, a division of the Italian city's government founded in the 1500s by a group of humanists, poets and musicians that included Galileo's father, Vincenzio Galilei.

The New York-based Space Frontier Foundation is a space advocacy organization whose membership of scientists, engineers, media, political professionals, entrepreneurs and citizens are from all backgrounds and nations. Founded in 1988 by a group of space community leaders dedicated to rapidly opening the space frontier to human settlement, the organization has been a leader in developing the private sector of space opportunities, inspiring the previously government-owned bureaucratic program into a dynamic and inclusive frontier open to humanity. "There are fantastic opportunities awaiting us in the boundless space frontier," said Foundation co-founder and Chairman of the Board, Bob Werb. "Poetry has always been at the forefront of society's vision and inspiration, and the Foundation is proud to announce this new project."

Capturing a combined futuristic look juxtaposed with warm parchment, the zine's design parallels engineering and poetry, adding to innovative comparisons by Bonta who writes, "The cosmos is a poem."

The Cosmos Review is accepting poetry submissions and editorials. The magazine plans contests, projecting future issues will represent works from people of all ages and continents on Earth.

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