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Friday, March 21, 2008

Who is Mike Griffin?

I am having a little trouble figuring out who Dr. Mike Griffin, Director of NASA, really is. In a speech he gave at the Lunar and Planetary Institutes's LPSC, he discussed the recent reduction in Mars missions and expansion of the outer solar system program. While I was not there, admittedly, both Ken Murphy and Pamela Gay have pretty good commentary on what went on.

As always, the speech was well done. It is during the Q&A phase that he seems to have a problem. He belittled and insulted questioners who wanted to pose comments on the impacts of the reduction to Mars with comments like

"Really – I don’t want comments. I’m the invited speaker. I’m the one invited to talk. Other people can make comments when they are invited to speak. I want questions – But I’ll try and address the question within your comments"


"Don’t specialize. Specializing is for bugs"

he made it obvious he didn't really want to hear other opinions.

With all due respect, Dr. Griffin, you are the director of the most powerful space agency in the world. If you can't handle comments from the people in the trenches how are you going to get America back to the Moon? I know he is a "Vulcan" and doesn't do "feelings" but Spock was nothing if no polite.

I know your job is stressful, but please get some manners, Dr. Griffin, or a least get a massage and out some your tension before you take it out on the people that are most likely to support your efforts.

Just my humble opinion.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ummmm....Griffin an arrogant prick uninterested in anyone else's opinion. You don't say.

Why did it take you guys three years to figure that out? He's alternately demanding that the space community "police speech," portraying himself as a victim of political incorrectness on global warming, and bullying questioners. And that's nothing new.