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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


In the same speech by Mike Griffin (at, Mike speaks about public relations, a subject I have wrestled with here and in my mind. When asked about PR:

With regard to how the aerospace community can reach out to the public to get them to support the vision for space exploration, Griffin said: "I don't know - public affairs- and how to do all that is not my specialty. I know we need to do better."
Now I have a few ideas about that. I don't think NASA is a special case. You don't get people to listen to your ideas by forcing them out of their comfort zone and preaching to them. Sad as it may be, society currently thrives on entertainment. If a PR package doesn't grab peoples attention and give them some at least some entertainment value, I believe it won't be effective.

NASA does have one advantage, though.
But then they start telling me as they have been for 20 years with such as "what are doing with this space station?' We should be on the moon. We should be going back to the moon. We should be going to Mars. We should be out there doing things. I mean, I get this from people who drive trucks for a living. I get this from plumbers."
People, I believe, approve of the VSE. Most people want us to explore. The want to go to space. So rather than have to convince people, I believe, NASA only have to remind people that they are here.

Now, I would like to here your comments on what NASA can do for PR. I have proposed standard advertising, which I know some people are against. Fine, give me some ideas? Lets brainstorm.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you can email me at dschrimpsher@adt-it dot com (replace the dot with a '.') and I will post your comments without naming you.

1 comment:

Michael Mealling said...

If you want a look at how to do PR, just watch the XPrize. My concern though is that I'm not sure if I want NASA doing PR. Mike Griffin is changing/ignoring enough of what the Aldridge Commission said to do that I can't decide if NASA is executing the Vision as stated anymore. So yea, I could get behind PR for the Vision if I knew that's what NASA was executing on and not some "Let's go build Shuttle C! Wheee!" boondogle.

As Mike Griffin said to Rick Tumlinson last week: Stay tuned.