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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dateline April 13, 2006, Space News from the Internet

  • Some fans are writing more episodes for Firefly. They aren't bad either. (hat tip to Curmudgeons Corner).
  • The ESAS overweight problem may have been overstated. (I still think EELVs and in-orbit hookup is a better idea. -djs)
  • Darpa is getting into the prize arena. According to Alan Boyle, A spokesman for the X-Prize Foundation said that Darpa was involved in planning the Lunar Lander prize with an add-on $500,000 prize for multiple launches in 24 hours. Darpa has not responded for requests for comment.
  • Bigelow has updated their website. Not really any more stuff, but it looks good. They still have some jobs in Houston if anyone is looking.
  • In related news, New Scientist Space, says Bigelow has reserved two Russian Dnepr rockets but the launch date cannot be revealed because of US arms trade restrictions (the Dnepr is a converted ICBM).
  • Esther Dyson is on the board of directors of Constellation Services, a ISS resupply hopeful.
  • The Space Frontier Foundation is hoping to send 100 teachers into space.
  • The Sally Ride Festival will be at Fairfax college on May 7 to encourage girls to go into science. (As a man who married a beautiful engineer, I think more girls should definitely get into science and technology. -djs)

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