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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Griffin Steps Down!

In a surprise move today, Mike Griffin, citing frustration over a slow moving bureaucracy, has stepped down as the Directory of NASA. In a race to fill the void, President George W. Bush has appointed Rick Tumlinson, the founder of the Space Frontier Foundation and advocate of private space development.

Mr. Tumlinson wasted no time at his press conference this morning

We need to deal with some significant legacy problems. First we need to spin off all non-space activities. Second, we need to privatize all functions at all of the NASA centers. Third, we need to dramatically increase the economic expertise of the space agency.

President Bush stated that he has always supported the free market and was behind Director Tumlinson 100%. There is expected to be some difficulty in getting Mr. Tumlinson approved by the Senate.

Senator Barbra Boxer said "He's a nut" in a surprisingly candid comment.


Mark said...

I'd love to witness the confirmation hearings on that appointment. (g)

Ed said...

If only it were true...

murphydyne said...

The scientists would mutiny...again.