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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Masten Space Systems is Taking Orders

According to Michael Mealling, the VP for Business Development at Masten Space Systems:

We have officially begun taking payload slot orders. Payloads are generally sold in 1 kilogram increments at $250 per kilo. For those that want a standardized form factor we are offering CanSat flights. A CanSat is the same size as a standard 12 oz soda can with a mass limit of 350 grams. You can buy kits from various vendors such as Pratt Hobbies. Normally CanSat flights are $199 but for a limited time they are going for an introductory $99.

Remember, this is suborbital only. We won’t be offering orbital payloads for several years and even then they won’t be anywhere near the $199 price.

350 gram CanSat - $99
1 kg Custom Payload - $250
2 kg Custom Payload - $500
5 kg Custom Payload - $1250

Over the next several months we will be releasing versions of the payload manual which includes interface definitions and physical characteristics such as vibration and G loads. Only customers who have signed up will receive these manuals so sign up early!

1 comment:

NooBee said...

Seems like a lot of money to send something ranging from the size of a soda can to a well fed cat into space. And how do you get your stuff back? Do you just send stuff you don't need? And if so, exactly how is that better than throwing it away or recycling it.