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Friday, June 06, 2008

WhiteKnightTwo to Be Unveiled in July

Virgin Galactic president, Will Whitehorn, said in an interview with that the carrier plane f0r the anticipated sub-orbital tourist spaceship, SpaceShipTwo, will be unveiled at Mojave Airport and Spaceport next month.

WhiteKnightTwo, as the plane is called, is, according to Whitehorn,

"the world's most advanced payload carrier. It has the best fuel efficiency of any aircraft ever built in history. It is the world's first 100 percent carbon composite aircraft"

Sadly, SpaceShipTwo will not be unveiled until early next year, when extensive flight testing begins. 254 people have already put their money down for a flight on the next big thing in tourism. According to Whitehorn, Virgin Galactic has $36 million in ticket sales already. The expect to fly 500 - 600 passengers in the first year of operation. Tickets are $200,000 (US).

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