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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Dateline May 3, 2006, Space News from the Internet

  • NASA has extended Boeing's contract to support the ISS.
  • NASA has announced the covering ISDC 2006 this weekend live.
  • A new cook on science and spirituality from some of Carl Sagan's lectures is coming out this November.
  • Asteroid 2006 HZ51, at 800 meters in diameter, is the newest big asteroid that could smash into us. I has a 1 in 6 million chance of impacting the Earth in 2008 an 164 chances after that. It is likely that after more observations the chances will become zero. The important thing here is, there is nothing we could do a bout strike two years out. Scary isn't it?
  • New Horizon is about to open its eyes.
  • RLV News has an interview with Peter Kokh of the Moon Miner's Man Manifesto. He is part of the temporary conversion of the Mars Analog base in Utah to a lunar analog base.
  • The X Prize Foundation is annoucing a new Centennial Challenge with NASA at ISDC 2006.
  • New Mexico's Spaceport construction is underway. Infrastructure is being laid down and the spaceports design is being finished up.
  • ISS Expedition 13 is going to test mini-sats, satellites the size of a volleyball.

The Beginnings of the New Mexico Spaceport

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