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Friday, May 26, 2006

Info on Lockheed's CEV

If this quote from's article on the CEV competition is true, it is pretty good:

‘Integrated marvel’
Lockheed Martin’s CEV design is "an integrated marvel" that is stuffed with the latest in avionics — fault-tolerant systems that offer autonomy, high reliability and redundancy, Karas said. Better yet, software and avionics upgrades can be plugged in without a lot of system and hardware changes.

Getting the six-person CEV spaceworthy before 2014 is doable, Karas said, noting that in NASA’s request for proposals the space agency had set the date as 2012. "We think we can do it in 2012 and even better … we can beat 2012 credibly for cost and schedule and not sacrifice the performance of the vehicle," he said.

Now if only it is true...

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